We understand Austerity

We know that planning the purchase of any Enterprise-wide Activity Auditing system is fraught with unquantifiable factors: software licencing costs alone (whether by user, device or data) are rarely straightforward.

Then come the additional (and often overlooked) costs of your organisation's IT involvement, the hardware and/or database servers your organisation needs to provide and the resources needed to maintain the system when inevitable infrastructure changes are made in the future.

The ATA Cost Solution

The ATA is a self-contained, purchased hardware device.

For Public Sector and large organizations we will supply the Appliance pre-configured and rated adequately for your organisation, and we guarantee that the annual renewal will not increase above RPI, no matter how your organisation's user or device count changes.

You do not need to provide any hardware, the Appliance will reside in your server room and neither we, nor your IT department will be able to access its data. In the event of a hardware failure, the Appliance is covered by manufacturer's warranty, or if the fault resides in the ATA's internal systems we will repair or replace the device.

In short, when comparing prices, please consider that the annual cost of an ATA is likely to be less than the licence cost of software based solutions alone, but with no hardware requirement for the organisation this can save tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.
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