ShareRight Support and Frequently asked questions

If your question is not answered in the FAQ below, please consult the help file or email us at and we will reply as soon as possible.


Q: The scanner appeared to finish but not all documents were scanned - why?

A: ShareRight relies on a stable network connection, any loss of connectivity will cause the scanner to skip entire folders. This is most likely where a workstation VPN connection is used rather than a server and has been addressed in the latest build, where network outages of up to 60 seconds are handled automatically.


Q: I have 5000 machines on my network, what license do I need?

A: It doesn't matter how many machines are on your network. ShareRight is licensed according to number of documents it holds in its' database. Therefore, if you do not need to index documents (or less than 50,000), a ShareRight Basic license is all you need.


Q: I ran the scanner and all of the machines have reported "Failed to connect..." Why?

A: You must be logged on under a user account that has Administrative rights on all of the workstations on your network (i.e. Domain Administrator). If you run the scan under any other account the connection will fail.


Q: The Scanner appears to be hung - what is it doing?

A: The Scanner updates and maintains the database periodically and may appear unresponsive for short periods, particularly at the beginning an end of the scan. For databases containing a few thousand documents this will be almost unnoticeable, however the process will take longer as the database size increases and may require several minutes at the beginning and end of the scan on databases containing many millions of documents.
NOTE: The scanner will hang indefinitely if it runs out of disk space on the drive where the database resides! Ensure you have plenty of space before beginning the scan - you will need approximately 3Gb per million documents if they all contain text, allow 1Gb per million files if the scan depth is set to zero.


Q: How long with the network scan take?

A: This will obviously depend on how many machines are on your network and the number of documents in folders specified for indexing. There are two stages to a ShareRight scan:

- Shared Folder Discovery - For 50 machines or less this will be just a few minutes, considerably longer for larger networks - approximately 200 machines per hour. However, you can begin to use ShareRight straight away, the scanner runs independently in the background as the machine list is gradually built.

- Document Scanning - This depends on the settings for document scanning. As a rule of thumb, ShareRight can index approximately 1 Million documents per hour.


Q: Is it possible to run the scan automatically overnight?

A: Yes. If required, the scan process can be run as a scheduled task using the wizard to set up the task. Remember that the Scheduled Task MUST run under a user account with Domain Administrator rights.


Q: Where is the VNC password kept?

A: The default VNC password is stored in the database, encrypted with Blowfish.


Q: The database contains sensitive information about my network, how should I secure it?

A: By default, the database is stored in the ShareRight application folder. You may change this location in "Options" - for security you should choose a location that only you and other ShareRight users have read access to.


Q: Which versions of VNC does ShareRight work with?

A: ShareRight has been tested with versions 3.x and 4.x of VNC viewer. If you have problems connecting using a specific version of VNC please contact us and we will try to remedy any incompatibilities.


Q: Does the ShareRight trial version contain Spyware or Adware?

A: Absolutely not!