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ShareRight is licensed by the number of documents indexed, it does not matter how many nodes are on your network. If you intend to use ShareRight for analysing share permissions only, then you need a basic license, which includes indexing up to 50,000 documents. Licenses may be increased at any time if you find that the number of documents indexed exceeds your license limit. Please contact us for upgrade licensing. Pricing include upgrades and technical support for 1 year.

Please click the links below to go to a secure transaction page. Orders are processed manually, normally within 4 hours.

License Type Maximum Documents Price  

ShareRight Basic Licence

< 50,000


ShareRight Documentary Small Business Licence

< 1 Million


ShareRight Documentary Medium Business Licence

< 5 Million


ShareRight Documentary Large Business Licence

< 10 Million


Unlimited (Site) Licence

< Unlimited