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Corporate IT Systems Launches the ATA - Black Box Technology for Business

POOLE, U.K. - June 7, 2016 -- In any aircraft incident, accident or disaster, the cause is almost always quickly identified once the Black Boxes are interrogated - why should it not be the same for all businesses and organisations?

Not to be confused with home user "spyware", Protective Monitoring is a requirement for most organisations, particularly law enforcement and government, but there is still much confusion as to how it should be approached, implemented and budgeted for. How much to spend? What should be included? How secure and accurate is the recorded material? Can the data be manipulated or altered by IT or other staff? Corporate IT Systems think they have the answer in their Audit Trail Appliance or "ATA".

Every IT action such as applications used, keys pressed, documents altered, emails sent and received, URLs visited, GPS locations, SMS and phone call activity can all be recorded, but seldom are. Security of the recorded data and the headache of installing and maintaining such a system on a large scale are often cited as the biggest hurdles, but the ATA is different, supplied as a physical device and working for a business, department or police force in much the same way as the Black Boxes do for an aircraft. There is now absolutely no reason why any IT activity cannot be identified and retrieved for investigation very quickly after any incident involving corruption or wrongdoing, or ring alarm bells when potential misuse occurs in real time.

An ATA is essentially a Black Box for Business, impossible to alter, unreadable to all but a few of the company's staff and continuously recording every user action from Windows, Citrix and Android devices. Together with a plugin to the company Exchange server nothing is missed, and there is no maintenance or storage requirement as the appliance hardware is supplied preconfigured. With units available covering 25 staff to 20,000+ staff, the ATA is secure, scalable and does not depend on an organisation's own IT infrastructure.

Director of Corporate IT Systems Ltd ( Derek Witherington says, "With our units starting at under £2,000, there is no reason for any company to worry about complying with protective monitoring regulations. Or perhaps more importantly knowing where their staff are, particularly in the case of employees sent into hazardous situations like those in social services, where the ATA's Android app keeps a constant watch."

The ATA is designed from the ground up to be focused on protecting both the organisation and the employee, not to intrude on personal privacy, which can be another criticism of protective monitoring systems. After all, when was the last time you heard an airline pilot complain about being recorded by a cockpit voice recorder?


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